31.5.2011 International Conference
20th October 2011 will be held international conference "Housing and Regions: Innovative Housing Solutions" at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní 3, Prague.

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Project co-ordinator

The Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic was established in its present form in 1990. The Institute of Sociology is engaged in the pursuit of research into contemporary society and in the provision of post-graduate education in the field of sociology. It conducts ongoing and one-time empirical surveys, comparative research studies, public opinion surveys, and case studies, applying modern qualitative and quantitative research methods, and it also cultivates the development of sociological theory and methodology. Research at the Institute also makes use of information, concepts and methods drawn from related scholarly fields, such as economics, law, political science, demography, social geography, and gender studies. The Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences participates in a number of multi-national and international scientific programmes. The Institute is involved in the organisation of important international scientific meetings and in the exchange of scientific information among institutions in various countries.


The project research team is made up of three members of the Socio-Economics of Housing team at the Institute of Sociology AS CR (Ing. Mgr. Martin Lux, Ing. Petr Sunega and Mgr. Martina Mikeszová), two members of the institute’s Local and Regional Issues Department (RNDr. Tomáš Kostelecký, CSc. and Mgr. Jana Vobecká). The team members are sufficiently qualified for successfully achieving the project’s goals. Ing. Mgr. Martin Lux has been working on housing research since 1998. He applies the qualifications he acquired in the study of economics and sociology to his research work, which enables him to make use of novel and innovative techniques in researching specific problems. He has been the main coordinator of several national and international research projects, and in the past two years has been focusing primarily on econometric simulation models of the housing market. Over the past five years Ing. Petr Sunega has taken part in the research on the majority of grant projects conducted by the Socio-Economics of Housing team and was the main coordinator of his own project focusing on the affordability of rental and owner-occupied housing. His research work focuses mainly on developing simulation models for various aspects of housing policy. RNDr. Tomáš Kostelecký, CSc. has participated in numerous research projects in the field of housing, concentrating mainly on the study of regional differences in the housing market and the social consequences of how the market functions. He headed the projects "Housing Market and Its Impact on Social Inequality" (IWM Wien) and “The Housing Market, Its Regional Differences, and Social Aspects” (GA ČR). He has also published numerous articles on the subject in academic journals, he was awarded the Hlávkova Foundation prize in 1994 and Otto Wichterle prize in 2003.


Project participant

The Faculty of Civil Engineering is the second youngest faculty at the Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO), but it follows the 166-year-long tradition of education in constructional disciplines at VŠB. Its establishment on 1.1.1997 was literally forced by the building industry in Northern Moravia and Silesia that needs 200 civil engineers from various branches and specification every year. The Faculty provides universal education in civil engineering that is extended with problems, which are specific for Moravian-Silesian region (constructions in undermined areas, effacing the consequences of mining and industrial activities, building materials production and working, transport, underground and geotechnical constructions etc.). The interdisciplinary character of some fields of study and the cooperation with other faculties of VŠB-TUO enables its graduates to find professional career in a broad catalogue of engineering and industrial activities.

The assertion of the graduates is versatile - as engineers in building companies, as project engineers, employees of construction administrations and engineering organisations and so on. Many graduates also assert themselves in entrepreneurial activities after appropriate practise and after obtaining the authorisation.


Project participant

The Institute for Regional Information (IRI), Ltd. is independent private company oriented on housing issues activities since its establishment. IRI provides since 2000 monitoring of housing prices (as data source for monitoring are used advertisements in newspapers, journals and specialised internet servers) and market rents due to lack of reliable house price data in the Czech Republic. The outcomes of the monitoring are necessary among other for housing affordability evaluation. IRI provides also other services for municipalities, regional- and central governments, especially in following fileds: consultancy services, regional and urban planning, development services, processing of price-maps etc. IRI project team consists of experts with practical experiences in above mentioned topics.